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Aircraft Warning Light

Aircraft Warning Lighting is high-medium-low intensity lighting devices. These light attached to tall building or structures. It used as collision avoidance measures. This devices make high structures more visible to passing aircraft. Especially at night. Even though they may be used during the day as well. These lights need to be of sufficient brightness in order to be visible for miles around the structure. We are trusted supplier of aircraft warning lights in UAE.

Important Things to Know about Aircraft Warning Lighting in Dubai, UAE

These days to take off or landing aircrafts are far more strict than they used to be. Airport usually located near or in the middle of city. There are also have low flying helicopters (police, journalist, paramedic etc). So we really need for aircraft warning lights to be there. We have a long history of supplying flight aircraft warning lights in Dubai.

Information: Low intensity lights are required to be installed at high structures which are more than 45 meters AGL (Above Ground Level).

Medium intensity white strobes are usually used on structures that are between 200–500 feet (61-152.4 meters). If a medium white strobe is used on a structure greater than 500 feet (152.4 meters), the structure must be painted. The common medium white strobe flashes 40 times in a minute, at an intensity of 20,000 candelas for daytime/twilight, and 2,000 candelas at nighttime.